Business Memberships

We invite you to become a business member of the Cranston Historical Society.  This membership, available in five levels, will provide valuable benefits to your organization.  The clubs are named for five of the prominent industrialists who once lived in our properties.


Governor William Sprague Club             $3,000 and up                       3 free rentals


Amasa Sprague Club                             $2000 – 2999                        2 free rentals


Byron Sprague Club                               $1000 – 1999                        1 free rental


Samuel Joy Club                                    $500 – 999                            25% discount on a rental


Job Joy Club                                          $100 – 499                            10% discount on a rental


All business members, regardless of the level, will be listed in our monthly newsletter which is distributed to all our members as well as the public libraries and other historical societies.


Application for Business Membership: Click Here

See our business brochure: Click Here